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] ] ynopsis Two ricks of a king's rapeseed piece of ground are found hardened all night. Finally, a tend with dogs keeps watch, and catches the "hairy man" who is responsible. The hoary man pleads with the king's son so earnestly, that it really was an corruptive demon who blew on his gathering fire, causing all the damage, that the young prince frees him. For this, the king orders that his son be assumed to the forest, and killed, and that his lungs and organs be brought rearmost as proof.

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Petrus Gonsalvus (1648), the first taped case of hypertrichosis. Ironically, many of the awned and fully hairy men and women, despite the horrendous appearance, had their personal life, they were married and quite happy. In the entire history of medical check-up observation, since the mediate Ages, about 50 cases of hypertrichosis are registered in the world.

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